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Who We Are

TrendiCreations Llc is an ecommerce store created to guide you on your wellness journey.  The company is founded by individuals who have been in business since 2018 and received a great response from the herbal market in a short time. Our goal  is to empower our customers towards practicing a healthy lifestyle with accessible organic products in the pocket range with absolutely no side effects.


It has been proven that when you look good you feel good and less stressed.  So TrendiCreations Llc decided to expand to what we call wellness jewelry.  We partnered with Kinsley Armelle and INOX for their interest in alternative metal. Jewelry material that is easy to maintain and it's hypoallergenic.



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Our Mission

Our daily lives are filled with so much stress and difficulty, and we must care for ourselves to ensure we aren’t overwhelmed. Finding relaxing moments for yourself, and taking the time to pamper yourself might seem luxurious at first. However, this self-care is vital, as without stress relief you can suffer physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


TrendiCreations was born from this need, as a way to guide our customers to wellness. Our products will help you reduce tension and defend against that daily stress. Everything we offer is consistent with our values of promoting health and empowering customers to live with wellness and goodness. Organic, herbal ingredients are a central aspect of our many products.


Chief among these is our range of CBD oils, creams, bath bombs, and teas. There is strong evidence suggesting that CBD reduces pain, stress, and anxiety, including many of the benefits of cannabis without the high. No matter what form you choose to incorporate it into your life, you’ll enjoy CBD’s relaxing and soothing properties. We also offer a range of specialized organic body oils and wellness tea blends without CBD, should you prefer these options.


Furthermore, we make it our mission to stock only products without side effects and addictive properties, so you can make your purchase with total peace of mind. What are you waiting for? Explore our online store today, and take your first step into better living!

Be Well.

You Purchase, We Donate

Here at TrendiCreations, we are in business to create a better world. We are passionate about improving the mental health of our customers, as well as the state of our children's future. In our humble efforts to better humanity, we are consistently improving our products and our focus. Our stock should not only be cost-efficient, but create good for both the purchaser and those in need.


For each product sold, we donate a percentage of the fee to the lookUP Corp., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded for the empowerment of the up-and-coming generation. This organization is committed to building up and educating marginalized children, combating poverty, and reckoning with systemic injustice through targeted programs and activities. It is our firm belief that this organization will help create a better future for everyone in our community and country.


Our company is also dedicated to the loving memory of my sister-in-law, Vickie Chew-Reynolds. Her spirit and convictions played a huge part in inspiring TrendiCreations.  My little sister remains well-remembered for her quest in empowering young women to get to know their bodies. 


This quest we still attempt to carry on today through our store. When you purchase a can of our Wellness Tea Blends, 5% will go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance.  


Be Well.

lookUP Corp
Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA)

Because We Care

In today's online shopping market, TrendiCreations LLC has only one goal in mind:  giving our customers a fair, rewarding, and enjoyable shopping experience.  That's why we designed the most generous, fair, and transparent store policy for our customers.

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As always, Be Well.